Plans/ Layouts:

1. Measurement plan of the premises
2. Wall and partition dismantling plan 
3. Wall and partition installation plan 
4. Furniture layout
5. Ceiling layout
6. Floor layout
7. Electrical layout No. 1 (light points)
8. Electrical layout No. 2 (light groups; switches)
9. Electrical layout No. 3 (sockets; low current devices)
10. Water supply and sewerage tie-in layout 
11. Textile layout 
12. Large-format decoration layout 
13. Marking layout


1. Name
2. Sub-name

A definition accompanying the name to explain the establishment’s format.
3. Slogan
4. “Story”

The basic document describing the key aspects of the establishment, used in the future as material for press releases, website texts, and familiarization of employees and partners with the establishment’s concept. On customer request, the legend can be translated into several languages. Also, the story can be written by SEO principles.
5. Table layout specificity
Ideas regarding unique table layout elements that match the selected establishment’s format. For example, for the meat restaurant BULL Butcher and Wine, YUDIN Design studio offered special supports for the cutlery made from real bones (rib). 
6. Service specificity
7. Staff uniform

General concept of uniform for waiters, barmen and managers
8. Musical format
9. “Tidbits”

Unique establishment’s features that have found their embodiment in the exterior, interior, furniture pieces, special print, etc.
10. Communication strategy



1. Logo
2. Palette

Based on the selected logo, a technical sheet showing the font and paint scheme names, CMYK, RAL, and PANTONE for subsequent use in printing and postproduction will be generated.
3. Flier (euro size)
4. A3 Poster (image layout)
5. Visiting card

Four card types will be generated:
I) The establishment’s visiting card
II) Personnel/manager’s business card
III) Personnel badge
IV) Loyalty/ discount card
6. Menu folder
Menu folder cover; bar; model inside menu sheet.
7. Set
Food tray with the dimensions of an A3 sheet, matching the establishment’s concept.
8. Coaster
Hot pad and alcohol coaster.
9. Staff uniform
Visualization of the personnel garments matching the establishment’s concept.
10. Signage
Signage appearance and layout for implementation.
11. Navigation
12. Board, banner, junior panel

Layouts of city advertising media.
13. Advertising tower
Corporate-style structure, symbol, or sculpture placed close to the establishment.
14. Tableware
Branding of tableware (tumblers, wine glasses, plates, trays, and take-out ware).
15. Transport
Branding of municipal transport, delivery vehicles, etc.

The designers of YUDIN Design, Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin, will visit the site regularly and lead the project implementation. The Brothers Yudin keep track of everything, make adjustments, give advice to construction workers, and find replacement materials and decoration, if necessary. You should not let this important phase ride, otherwise, you would spend money and time while the premises would still remain not looking at their best. Any refurbishment or alteration requires a scrupulous design project implementation.
The studio YUDIN Design guarantee that with its supervision you will obtain exactly the result you wanted. Everything will be in its place and in the required quality and, the most important, on time!

1. Creating graphics for your website
2. Programming and implementation of the site
3. Running the site and training about the admin panel management
4. Preparation of text materials on the principles of SEO in different languages: English, Italian, Spanish (other languages on request)