The main services of our company are:

•    Identity - brand creation
•    Interior design
•    Product design

It is the interiors of HoReCa and the creation of brands that brought us fame.

But that’s not all!

For companies interested in the presentation of various products related to the restaurant business, we offer our






1. Expert opinion and participation in product advertising. Especially when it comes to food, drinks, kitchen appliances and everything that you may need for a restaurant.

2. Workshops. Topics can be ready or prepared specifically for your event). For example:

•    Branding
•    Functional and memorable design of establishments and shops
•    Identity that evokes the interest of the target audience
•    Features of service and conceptual tips for HoReCa

In any workshop we come with prepared photos, video materials and, of course, a lot of inspirations)) which, at the end of our program, carry the listeners to a new level of success

3. Presentation of new products and services. If the activity of your company concerns various goods and services related to food, drinks, equipment or some special service at HoReCa, we are ready to discuss our participation in the presentation of your new products and offers! We guarantee professionalism and charisma!